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在美国教书:从私立学校到公立学校的文化震撼Teaching Chinese in the Inner-City
In Memory of Li Shenzhi
说东道西:人情与"法"Feelings and Rules, East and West
说东道西:纠正意识与维护意识Child-rearing, East and West
说东道西:思想工作和心理咨询Talking About Problems, East and West
日子与栀子花Days at Home and the Orchid
发现另一种人生态度:《世界宗教 》读后The World's Religions: A Book Review
也说《上海宝贝》 Shanghai Baby: A Book Review
Dong Leshan, Chinese Writer
女佣群像Maids: A Group Portrait
外婆的祭日The Day of Sacrifice
神圣岗位上的一天A Day in the Life of a Teacher
死亡与宗教Death and Religion
大屋里走出的阿秀Ahxiu from the Big House
闲话《闲话中国人》On Being Chinese
湘西的女孩三三A Girl Named Sansan
呜呼哀哉,我的中国!Alas! My China: A Visit to the Great Wall
淮河边上有个穷地方On the Bank of the River Huai
童年忆事:思病Longing to Be Sick: A Memory of Childhood